Jana Seta Map Publishers" has developed and released the application “Baltic Maps” of original,
detailed maps and data of Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Applications are available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

In a free version users are able to access following options:

In payable subscription version users are able to access following additional options:

This application is not a navigation application, although it will help user to find objects, see them on map, make route and show the present location from GPS data and perform other functions mentioned in the description.

"Jana seta" intends to periodically change the base map, the address information and functionality in applications up to date. It is also possible to submit map corrections or recommendations for changes in functionality in the application.

Software interface is available in Latvian, English and Russian language.

Mobile application is compatible with:

Applications operating principle are the object, map and data requests from the "Jana seta" servers, while temporary maintaining the required map fragments on your mobile device for reuse. Information search and receive real-time provides the most actual information available to the user.

To get an enlarged version of the functionality the user of application must purchase a subscription for a fixed period.  Enlarged version's price for a year is 8.99 EUR (for Android the purchase sum is calculated in SEK).  Software updates current subscribers will receive free of charge.  

To subscribe for Iphone application, you will need:

To subscribe for Android application, you will need:

BalticMaps.eu user account user may create in www.BalticMaps.eu.

Answers to questions about the iPhone and Android application “Baltic Maps”.

For the latest information, visit periodically www.BalticMaps.eu/mobile. Feedback, suggestions and wishes, please write to:  vai .

LGIA – "Latvian Geospatial Information Agency" 
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